About us

The European Compliance Center aspires to establish a unique Europe-wide platform for collaboration between stakeholders under high ethical standards. Our strength is the combination of interdisciplinary expertise with industry knowledge and academic independence. We are partnership-oriented and we believe that positive social change will come only if organizations work together, exchanging ideas and good practices.

Who we are

The European Compliance Center is a mission driven non-profit organization that addresses key compliance topics in the CEE region. Our community is formed  of leading industry specialists, compliance professionals and academic experts. 

In some CEE countries such as Bulgaria, we are the first compliance hub that brings together businesses, public sector, academics, and other stakeholders interested in compliance and integrity. 

We work under the academic standards of independence and objectivity. As interdisciplinary approach is the state of the art in compliance field, our experts come from various fields – Law, Economics, Audit, Management, Behavioral Economics, Political Science, Criminology and Forensic, and IT. 

Main goal


The main aim of our Center is to promote collective action in the CEE region in order to encourage better compliance and business integrity, and fight systemic flows, such as corruption and unethical business practices. Our aspiration is to accelerate compliance and integrity research, good practices and standards in the Central and Eastern Europe. In our network research interest and professional excellence are cherished and nurtured.

Our network of experts provides knowledge and promotes integrity both in public and private sectors. We see public and private domains as the two sides of the same coin: organizational inefficiencies in private sector curb public sector inefficiencies. And the other way round: good public governance boosts company performance and economic growth.

Our Objectives


broader group of stakeholders that look forward to improving their compliance and corporate governance practices



fruitful discussion between industry specialists, researchers, and civil society actors about the latest compliance trends and developments.



academia, civil society and business to get together and join their expertise to promote good governance and corporate integrity.



policy makers by timely access to independent research and to the range of views held by the business community and the civil society.


Our policy


European Compliance Center is not politically affiliated. Our research, publishing, counseling and advocacy lies on the principles of academic freedom, objectivity and independence. We are involved with public sector in terms of promotion of good governance. We assist public authorities by preparing opinions, impact assessments and by answering public consultations for legislative change. We interact with policy-makers by organizing events where civil society and business leaders can communicate their concerns.

Defining our own values and goals without outside influence is a precondition for moral integrity. We do not accept funding or any kind of support that might affect the objectivity of our research, counseling or advocacy.

We know that organizational culture is important. To ensure our values and to upkeep a high ethical standard we set our internal policies and procedures  in the Charter and the Ethical Code of conduct of our organisation

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