regulatory compliance

Whistleblower Case Management support

The European Compliance Center is one of the founding partners of the European network of impartial case managers in order to offer the best whistleblower case management services. We are part of a network of professional case handlers that support companies with first response, triage/risk assessments, and escalation management in 12 jurisdictions. European Compliance center […]

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Private Policing

Prof. Button explores how the public police and many other state bodies have significant degrees of privateness, from outright privatisation through to the serving of private interests. The book provides a theoretical framework for private policing, building upon the growing base of scholarship in this area. This new edition also provides more international context and […]

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Compliance: Our Point of View

The regulatory environment is as complex as never before. That is the reason why everybody nowadays speaks about compliance. The word pops-up a thousand times every day from the media. What does it mean? Does it have strict definition or the term changes according to the personal views of the author? At first glance, the meaning […]

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