Martin Galaz

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Master in Law and Jurisprudence (Prague)

UEFA Football Law Programme

LLM Programme – Health law (in progress; Prague)


Martin Galaz is a Head of Legal Department at Na Homolce Hospital in Prague, responsible for all legal issues related to the functioning of the Hospital, including clinical facility providers, which require highly skilled and technologically advanced treatment.

Mr Galaz is also a member of the ethics committee of the hospital, which deals with a large number of clinical trials every year. He currently deepens his expertise in health law as a student of a specialized LLM in Health Law. Prior to that, Martin worked as a Deputy Director of the Legal Department at the Football Association of the Czech Republic. Martin is a graduate of the prestigious program for sports lawyers, the UEFA Football Law Programme. Martin is a practitioner, who always wants to fulfil the wishes and requirements of clients.

"As an in-house professional, I see the importance of organisational culture being reinforced every day by effective internal policies and practices."


Medical Law

Sports Law


Private Law


Public Procurement