Our aspiration is to accelerate compliance and integrity research in order to better educate and empower business, civil society and public sector in the area of compliance. The European Compliance Center is an interdisciplinary initiative. Our experts come from different field including law, economics, audit, criminology, sociology, journalism, and IT. The European Compliance Center and its members conduct excellent research with policy implications. We publish scholarly books and articles, impact assessments, policy briefs, and research reports.

Our research

Private Policing

Prof. Button explores how the public police and many other state bodies have significant degrees of privateness, from outright privatisation through to the serving of private interests. The book provides a theoretical framework for private policing, building upon the growing base of scholarship in this area. This new edition also provides more international context and […]

Extraterritoriality and International Bribery

Dr. Hock provides a new account of foreign anti-bribery laws and their extraterritorial enforcement that draws on theories of collective action. Within this framework, the book offers an intensive analysis of US foreign anti-bribery law such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), international law, and comparative insights into UK law and German law. The book provides a unique data set of more than 40 foreign anti-bribery enforcement actions.

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