Tackling Transnational Economic Crime: New Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

More than 40 compliance professionals discussed the future of compliance in Bulgaria

The European Compliance Center – Bulgaria brought together more than 40 compliance professionals, public sector representatives, and academic experts to discuss the prevention of transnational economic crime and internal compliance systems. The seminar “Tackling Transnational Economic Crime: New Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities” held on 6th November in Novotel Sofia was truly a success – a morning full of great insights and shared opinions between compliance professionals.

Delegates from Insurance, Investment, Asset Management, Banking and Gambling sectors and the risk management industry engaged themselves in fruitful discussion. Their professional associations also endorsed the initiative. The seminar showed that while there is a growing community of compliance and integrity professionals in Bulgaria, there is a need of enhanced exchange of ideas and good practices between them.

The speakers and delegates discussed a range of key compliance topics such as implications of extraterritorial enforcement of anti-corruption laws in the CEE region, the role and responsibilities of compliance officers, practical examples of AML measures, red flags and procedures in banking, investment and gambling sectors, and the new Bulgarian AML act. 

Clearly, there is a need to bring together businesses, public sector, academics, and other stakeholders interested in compliance and integrity more frequently. The European Compliance Center plans to organize a number of compliance events and trainings in Bulgaria. If you are interested in cooperating with us, do not hesitate to contact us. We believe that positive social change will come only if professionals and organisations interested in compliance and integrity work together, exchanging ideas and good practices.

The European Compliance Center would like to thank the speakers for their excellent presentations, for their enthusiasm and involvement:

Dr. Branislav Hock, Lecturer, University of Portsmouth

Dr. Elina Karpacheva, Chair European Compliance Center

Inspector Nedelchev, Cybercrime Department, GD Combating Organized Crime

Dimitar Kolchakov, Head of Compliance and Control Department, Bulgarian American Credit bank

Dr. Plamen Ivanov, Director, European Brokerage House

Pavlina Bancheva-  Koleva, Compliance Officer, Anakatech

Dimitar Zwiatkow, Partner CMS