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Compliance – the key to corporate growth

Businesses from all sectors are subject to ever stricter and more complex regulatory requirements how to behave. These could be national, European or transnational, including rules on financial crime prevention, or rules on social responsibility and cyber security. Compliance with these rules is crucial to the integrity of an organisation. Cases of non-compliance bring not only severe penalties to corporates and individuals, but most importantly affect negatively the most importantly asset of every organisation – reputation.

Ability, knowledge and passion for compliance solutions

We know the requirements for good corporate governance and effective compliance for various industries such as FinTechs, pharmaceuticals, and traditional financial institutions.

We help businesses understand the importance of organisational culture and regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions.

Our advice is based on an understanding of the organisation in question and specific risks inherent to its activities.

We are partnering with companies offering innovative compliance solutions.

How can we help?


Preparation and implementation of compliance programs for small and medium-sized businesses

Effective compliance is no more reserved for big corporates. In fact, smaller businesses are facing similar risks of financial crime and unethical behaviour of their employees, suppliers, and clients. Regulatory scrutiny is also rising. We provide tailored-made compliance solutions and advice that reduce costs and administrative burden.


Review of existing compliance programs

We work with these in charge to improve, adjust, and revise an existing compliance program.

How we do that?

Risk assessment

Risk-mapping in various areas, such as money laundering, bribery and corruption, data privacy and cyber security, and regulatory requirements in specific sectors.

Conflict of interest management

We advise on the corporate governance best practices and implement checks and controls for prevention of conflict of interest.

Ethical code

The Code of Ethics is in the centrum of an effective compliance program. We will help your organisation draft one and implement it in order to build ethical corporate culture.

Whistleblowing procedures

We provide advice, preparation of hotline guidelines and procedures, implementation of digital solutions.

Third-party Due Diligence

We know how difficult and time-consuming is to conduct third-party due diligence. We advise on the effectiveness of the process with the help of specialised compliance tools and software.

Compliance Advice

Advising on jurisdictional issues, providing regulatory interpretations, tracking regulatory developments.


Bespoke Training

The most important part of an effective compliance program is the training of employees. This includes their awareness about risks related to unethical/fraudulent behaviour and regulatory requirements in their day-to-day activities. We make sure that such training matches with the outcomes of your risk assessment. Our trainings translate the policies and procedures of your business into an ethical message delivered to employees.

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